Health, Wellness, Heritage

We are pioneers in exemplary modern-day products, that are rooted within India’s Culture.

Brand Philosophy

The word ‘Tatvaa’ is a derivative of the Sanskrit word ‘तत्त्व’. It defines all the elements from which every particle in this universe is made.

We believe that through everything we offer to our customers, we are necessarily trading nothing, but these elements or Tatvaa’s.

There are Five “Tatvaa’s”, that balance our human body, namely: Clean Air, Healthy Food, Pure Water, Physical Wellness and Mental Wellness.

Shop with us for an affordable yet luxe experience, wherein each of our product focuses on balancing these five tatvaas, while also maintaining the aesthetic of the modern-age.

Ayurveda and Us

The marriage of traditional practices and contemporary trends.

Through the course of time, humans have come farther away from the natural and healthy lifestyle which was followed ages ago. As a result, the immune system has weakened overtime and vulnerability to diseases has increased.

Ayurveda is an approximately 3,000 year-old science of life originated in India, that promotes health and wellness in a holistic manner. It is about fine-tuning one’s life to regain health and wellness through nature.

However, finding time for oneself, engaging in an in-depth scientific research, or creating natural products is challenging in today’s world. Tatvaa eliminates all of your worries by taking care of everything for you, allowing you to live a better lifestyle that is more in tune with nature.

A Healthier Planet for Everyone

We are on a journey against single-use plastic

Plastic, especially single-use plastic has become a menace for today’s world, harming flora and fauna alike. It is important we realize the importance of using high-quality products instead of use-and-throw so that we reduce the burden we are causing on our planet.

Tatvaa aims to do the same, by launching products, such as our Copper Bottle, which is not only good for the body but also for the planet, by reducing the use of single-use bottles as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle choice.

Contrary to Stainless Steel, which is produced using an industrial method, copper is not only produced ethically but is also widely accessible. Each bottle is precisely crafted with the least amount of chemicals, processed naturally, and delivered with the lowest quantity of waste.

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