Making better lifestyle choices is the need of the hour


All our lives, we’ve been trained, consciously or subconsciously, to make decisions which make us better-off than before. 

This has in-fact inspired a complete branch of study in economics, known as the ‘Theory of Consumer Choice’. But, the basic rationale behind the process is ideally simple: we make choices for our own good.


In Today’s day and age, however, it is important for us to understand that any choice that we make has to be better not only for us, but the society as well, given that we take a lot and offer little in return.

This is where Tatvaa comes in. We are trying to develop products which are a class apart, and are better choices for consumers than those already available in the market. Buying from Tatvaa means that you’re buying a product which is better for you as well as the society you live in. 


We develop products with utmost consciousness towards the environment, our employees, our customers and every stakeholder involved in the process. The Tatvaa Copper Bottle just marks the beginning of things, and our movement towards ‘Ethical Consumerism’, the practice of buying products that cause minimum damage to the environment and the society.


It is high time that we become responsible as consumers as well as producers, hence this conscious effort will lead us somewhere better than before.

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