About Us

Tatvaa, started in 2022 as a health and wellness brand. We are strong believers that every great journey begins from within. Hence, behind every person, should be a holistic body.

Waging war against unhealthy snacks filled with deceptive ingredients, we have begun our journey with Whipped Honey blends - healthy, delicious and unapologetic about being sweet. Our honey blends are a delicious and healthy way to boost your immune system, improve your gut health, and get your daily dose of antioxidants.

We are committed to providing our community of people with conscious products without compromising on taste.

No more apologies for not being aware of what was being put in our food without our knowledge.

Unapologetically Honest, Undoubtedly Delicious

Mission & Vision

Zero Guilt, Zero Deceit

We take pride in being pioneers of promoting products that leave the end-consumer better off. Buying a product, especially in the food and beverages sector means something going inside your precious body. Our body needs to hence, stay away from chemicals being put in it without our knowledge.

Why be guilty of a crime you've not done?

The crime of eating high caloric, high sugar, preservative loaded food just because there weren't enough options available?

Say, no more. We shall continue to stay bold and unapologetic while providing our beloved community with products that keep them high in spirits always!