The ‘Coolest’ Thing to do this Summer

With the heat increasing every single day, and at the same time people being locked inside their homes due to the pandemic, this is the right time to try something new, creative and at the same time something that relieves us from the ever-so-increasing summer heat.

This is the best time to make an at-home Bar. Let us learn how to make a few cool drinks. But first, the basics of bartending. Let us get familiar with some basic equipment, you might need handy.



A Bar Shaker with Cocktail Strainer plays one of the most important role, that of mixing all the ingredients of a drinks together to give it the most fine taste. Adding a bit of ice to the shaker helps to cool down everything inside the shaker. Once you start making drinks using a shaker, you can’t get back to the ol’ ways!


Muddler is one of the most important devices that money can buy for your bar. You can’t imagine drinking Fruit Punches or Mojitos and other Fruity Cocktails without a muddler, since it is the one that performs the function of releasing all those juices and essences into the drink.


What else is going to keep all your liquids cool during the heat wave?

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