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One Step Towards a Healthier You.

We are headed towards building a health and wellness oriented product line, inspired by the principles of Ayurveda. An age old study, Ayurveda has been prevalent in India for a long time, but as we move towards a modern lifestyle, we’re slowly forgetting this age-old science. Hence, we’re on an endeavor to provide every person with better health through this venture.

One Step Towards a Healthier Planet.

As much as the health of each consumer is important, we also need to have a focus on the wellbeing of our planet, since everything we need is derived from here. Therefore, at Tatvaa, we are on an honest endeavor to not only make consumer-friendly products, but also planet-friendly ones so that in the longer run, we can give back to the environment.

Grown With Love in India

Life is #allaboutchoices

Every consumer makes hundreds of choices each day when it comes to choosing products for their use. These may be related to pricing, features and more. But, given the situation in today’s day and age, it is important that we make better choices: ones which are not only better for us but also for the environment.


Based upon Ancient Sciences


Modern and Aesthetic


Backed by Novel Research


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